Casas Na Areia

Comporta, Portugal - map

Located just one hour south from Lisbon, in a small but already famous village named Comporta, Casas Na Areia were designed by the architect Manuel Aires Mateus. The four houses keep the soul of the pre-existent constructions and respect the local traditions. Two houses were built with wood and reeds and the other two with concrete but all of them have a thatched roof. The constructions were made by António Pinela, a local artisan who renews the reeds and thatched every 6 years using local materials.

The Alentejo region is known for its magnificent white sandy beaches, the delicious wine, fresh fishes, the rice paddies and pine trees. The project is integrated on the natural reserve of river Sado, home to a great variety of wild life such as flamingos, storks and dolphins. It´s one of the best places in Portugal for bird watching.