Katavi National Park, Tanzania - map

Located in the heart of Katavi National Park, Chada Katavi camp is small and intimate. The six East African safari tents are raised up on wooden platforms on the edge of the Chada Plain. The camp is stylish and comfortable, even if all the resources are shared with Katavi’s animals. This explains why it is important to ensure that guests' footprint remain light.

Chada Katavi is part of Nomad Tanzania, one of East Africa's original safari companies. They have been operating for the past 20 years and have invested in local people and conservation in a number of ways. For many years, they have been providing their Tanzanian guides with micro-finance loans to buy their own safari vehicles. They then hire the guides and their cars, allowing them to earn a decent income. Nomad Tanzania is also offering their guides the most continuous and rigorous guide training program in Tanzania to make them amongst the best in the African Safari industry. Being actively involved in conservation and committed to sustainable management of Tanzania’s wildlife and habitats, Nomad Tanzania also supports worthwhile projects around the country.