Monroyo, Spain - map

Located in the province of Aragon, Consolación was built in one of the most beautiful and undiscovered region of Spain. The three Spanish co-owners felt in love with this place and decided to give a second life to a former hermitage attached to the 17th-century church from which the hotel takes its name. The old hermitage has been completely renovated with contemporary materials and is now used for the common areas and the restaurant of the hotel. One of the eleven rooms is also situated in this building. The ten other rooms have been built independently 100 meters from the hermitage and are individual “Kubes” clad with wood. They all have a large window and terrace, which will allow you to enjoy the unspoiled surrounding nature.

The restaurant offers the best regional produce from local suppliers. For instance, they use organic vegetables from Rafales, “Ternasco de Teruel” lamb from Torrecilla de Alcañiz, Monroyo truffles, Teruel’s ham and Shepherd’s cheese from Peñarroya de Tastavins. The list could be longer and reflects the unique produce diversity of this region.