Isla Palenque

Boca Chica, Panama - map

Isla Palenque was home to an ancient, pre-Columbian community. The island’s beauty and mystery made it a sacred site for the most holy of ceremonies. Indigenous tribes called it “Palenque”, meaning sanctuary. Hundreds of years later, the island continued to exist as a secluded preserve for rare primary forest and hundreds of species of plants, flowers, animals, and birds.

Today, the luxury island resort is a 400-acre sanctuary for curious travelers who seek a true, tropical island of natural beauty. With 8 modern Casitas and a Villa Estate, it is the first of its kind in Panama. Isla Palenque was developed with the highest standards in sustainability without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Renewable materials for sustainable and low-impact construction, locally-sourced biodegradable products and all-organic foods are served.