knai bang chatt resort

Kep City, Cambodia - map

Owned by two Belgians, Boris Vervoordt and Jef Moons, Knai Bang Chatt is located in Kep, right on the southern east coastline of Cambodia. There are three renovated villas built in the 1970s by protégés of Vann Molyvann, a pupil of the world renowned Le Corbusier. The whole resort is made up of eleven rooms that are individually decorated with its own identity and taste. The villas are designed with large terraces open to breathtaking views of the sea and islands.

The owners believe in the values of restoring and maintaining Cambodian architecture styles of historical, cultural and social significance, especially modern architecture of the 60s and 70s. Knai Bang Chatt also becomes a part of community development through its Hand in Hand Project, working to help improve the lives of over 256 families, providing education, clean water and economic opportunities through its umbrella organization Bridges Across Border. 3% of its total income goes to this project, based in Chamcar Bei.