Ubatuba, Brazil - map

Founded in 2001 by Emmanuel Rengade (also the owner of Fazenda Catuçaba), Pousada Picinguaba overlooks a peaceful bay at the heart of the Natural Park of Serra do Mar, the tropical coastal forest running between Rio and São Paulo, about half an hour's drive south of Paraty. His ambition was to create a very special environment, which has at the same time the comfort, service and quality that one would expect, but also the spirit and the simplicity of a very human place, where guests are people, not just consumers.

Pousada Picinguaba makes sure to apply and promote environmentally friendly practices, such as taking care of their own waste, using biodegradable products, using only reusable drink bottles, having their own compost heap for all organic residue. Most of the hotel staff are locals from the village and have been trained for years. Their salary and the benefits provided have a marked influence on the economy of the village, particularly as job opportunities are not many in this region. The members of their team not only get a salary, but also education and training and an opportunity for personal development. A fair redistribution of resources is a principle in which they believe. They buy most of what they need locally (fish, seafood, products, etc.) and as a priority they use manpower from the village when labor or skills are needed for the upkeep of the Pousada. This brings in some extra income for the people of the village, whose economy is based on the sea.