Sago Hotel

New York City, USA - map

Woven brick by brick into the heart of Manhattan's vibrant design epicenter, The Sago Hotel basks in the glow of New York City's most alluring metropolitan gem - The Lower East Side (LES). As one of the city's oldest neighborhoods, The LES has historically been fertile ground for new and spontaneous forms of artistic expression. The Sago Hotel furnishes this legendary backdrop with cool sophistication, making it the preferred starting point from which to experience the city's diverse and eclectic phenomena.

The Sago Hotel strikes the perfect balance between the modern New York experience and the city's rich, historic past. A luxury boutique hotel grounded in the eclectic Lower East Side, The Sago is an orchestra of mechanical and rustic energies. The building’s display of exposed brick, ceramic tile geometry, and industrial steel beams orient the imagination to its foundation.  An atmospheric medley of urbane fragments and light make the lustrous inner world of The Sago Hotel the quintessential launchpad into a perfect New York City experience.