Santa Clara 1728

Lisbon, Portugal - map

Located inside an enchanting 18th century building in one of Lisbon’s most romantic squares, Santa Clara 1728 is one of the 5 design-led properties from hotelier João Rodrigues which offers 6 suites for guests to enjoy.

Santa Clara 1728 is surrounded by monuments, beautiful palaces and a park with stunning views of the river in the old cultural quarter of the city.

Downstairs, unwind under the warm glow from Davide Groppi’s ‘Simbiosi’ lights with a glass of Portuguese wine and comforting home-made meal, using the freshest market produce, while planning the best to see and do in Lisbon, with Rodrigues himself.

The building's sense of intimacy is accomplished through a sensitive interplay of interior and exterior features. The generous windows frame the unique brilliance of the Lisbon light which spills over the city and can be seen reflected in the river below.

There is also a secluded garden to provide moments of quiet relaxation or reading; friends are invited to share a communal dining table where everything happens around meal times, just like at home. As a Family House, Santa Clara 1728 is alive with its daily routines, it has a pace, it changes with the seasons of the year, it invites its guests to embark on an exciting journey, to share its pulse, beauty and charm...

The house is furnished and detailed with a delicate touch, modern and clean interiors thoughtfully embracing guests' comfort, while keeping the building ancient walls and features.