Stedsans in the Woods

Hyltebruk, Sweden - map

Owned and created by Mette Helbaek and Flemming Hansen, Stedsans in the Woods is a retreat located in Halland, Sweden, one of Europe’s most remote places. Still close to big cities like Copenhagen and Gothenburg, it is surrounded by rivers, 1000s of big, clean lakes and a lot of forest and it is only 50 km from the ocean. The property also has an off the grid restaurant in the forest by the lake and a permaculture farm.

Mette and Flemming believe that the solution to almost any big problem is beautiful, well tasting and happy. A solution that empowers us all. Therefore their building and farming methods are based on the permaculture principles i.e. a system inspired by nature for a truly sustainable living including plants, animals and architecture. Principles that are good for topsoil, water, biodiversity, meaningfulness, health and resilience. The food produced is poison-free and all ingredients have traveled less than an hour to reach Stedsans. Almost everything was harvested/foraged same day as it is served. The restaurant, showers and cabins are water-neutral. They use filtered lake water from their own lake for everything in the restaurant,toilets and showers. Since they only use 100% biodegradable products, guests can feel good taking a long, hot shower since it is all released back into the lake.