Blue Mountains, Jamaica - map

Strawberry Hill, a signature mountaintop oasis, offers an enchanting mix of rich Jamaican heritage balanced by healthy conscious living. Perched in the Blue Mountains, and located 3,100 feet above sea level, this unique boutique property houses offers a Living Spa, a Main House, and twelve handcrafted 19th century Georgian style cottages. Strawberry Hill began as an 18th century coffee plantation that was originally deeded by the British Royal Family to Horace Walpole in the United Kingdom. After changing hands throughout the 20th century, the property was acquired in 1972 by Chris Blackwell, founder of the much-reputed Island Records label, which launched the legendary career of Reggae icon Bob Marley. Since that time, Strawberry Hill has continued the tradition of acting as a destination point for famous musicians, entertainers, Reggae artists, the fashion elite and discerning travelers.

All around Strawberry Hill, the mountains’ verdant landscapes give way to the famous Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee cultivated on the lower slopes. In these communities of Irish Town, Woodford and Settlement, the farmers rely on the area's fertile soil to grow the Blue Mountain Coffee, considered by many as the world’s finest gourmet coffee. Recently, Strawberry Hill has started to produce its own brand of Blue Mountain coffee in co-operation with the local farmers, which guests can now buy at the hotel. They also supply Strawberry Hill with carrots, onions, scallions, cho-cho, avacado pear, parsley, pineapples and tomatoes in rich abundance using environmentally sensitive sprays and manures. A quantity of herbs and spices are grown on Strawberry Hill’s vegetable garden sited behind the Bamboo Room. Spearmint, lemon mint and English mint are grown to use as infusions in Spa waters; lemongrass and lemon basil are used for dressing and teas while dill, oregano and cilantro are used in seasoning and fresh garnishes.