Gurvansaikhan National Park, Mongolia - map

Built in the heart of the Gobi according to environmentally and culturally sustainable development guidelines, the Three Camel Lodge offers a blend of adventure and sophistication, combining traditional style with superb service to create the ultimate expedition experience. The lodge offers 45 traditional nomadic Mongolian tents called gers. They provide an authentic taste of Mongolian culture and allow travellers to visit the remote Gobi Desert in comfort, providing ideal sleeping conditions in the silence of the desert night.

Electricity to power light bulbs in the gers, restaurant, bathrooms, and bar is provided mainly by solar power. Wind energy is also used as a supplementary source of energy. The energy consumption is constantly re-evaluated for efficiency and measures are taken to reduce usage as much as possible. Unprocessed natural stone was used for the buildings and traditional Mongolian felt ger tents are used as guest rooms. Local artisans and workers crafted the roofs of the buildings in accordance with the canons of Mongolian Buddhist architecture, without using a single nail. Drainage fields used for non-drinking water were made three times larger than local requirements to make water reusable and less wasteful. The Three Camel Lodge is exploring systems to reuse non-drinking water for watering trees and supplying toilets. All trash is separated and transported to neighboring dump areas. The Three Camel Lodge is also taking part in various community and conservation projects in the area.