Titilaca, Peru - map

At an altitude of more than 3,800 meters, on the border between Peru and Bolivia, this cradle of the Inca civilization is still home to one of the oldest communities in South America. Titilaka Lodge is tucked away in this unique landscape, totally off the beaten track on its own private peninsula, in a refurbished building. It sits at the water’s edge and offers splendid views of the lake from each room. It harmoniously blends contemporary décor with delightful touches of local heritage and direct contact with luxuriant surrounding nature. Located next door to the hamlet from which it takes its name, it gives you the opportunity to explore the way of life and traditions of the lake dwellers.

Titilaka plays an important role in the local community. In fact, most of Titilaka’s employees are local workers. The hotel also provides necessary medical assistance to nearby communities, cooks with local produce, encourages the production of local arts and crafts and most of the building was constructed and decorated with local materials. By creating awareness, and offering excursions which involve visiting the reeds and bird watching, Titilaka has persuaded local neighbors to instead protect these natural resources. The hotel has also started a project to reforest the local community by reintroducing local trees and shrubs. Titilaka’s staff is constantly processing waste, cleaning surrounding beaches, collecting garbage, and recycling. The carbon footprint has been minimized by using clean energy sources, such as natural gas and hydroelectric power, and also by purchasing most food and ingredients locally, thus avoiding transportation side effects.