Ödeshog, Sweden - map

Located 7 kilometers outside of Ödeshög, it will take you 3 hours by car from Stockholm and 2 hours from Göteborg to reach Urnatur wood hermitage. Officially opened in 2007, the story began when the forester Håkan Strotz and the biologist and designer Ulrika Krynitz, bought the small farm Sjögetorp in 1993. They had no plans for a wood hermitage at that time. Håkan worked as a teacher at Omberg’s nature school, while Ulrika founded the textile design company Qualle in 1999. Summers after summers they have organized a handcraft festival called Ragnarök. With strong-shared interests in nature, crafts, ethnobiology, survival, design, self-sustainability and cooking, the project slowly but surely took form. After many years practical experience with courses, seminars, lectures, kick-offs, exhibits, Ragnarök and other events, they felt the need to have more beds for overnights. They began the construction of the first building in 2003. Little by little Håkan built and designed all houses from scratch and used trees from the farm. Today Urnatur offers 7 wooden huts with capacity from 1 up to 4 persons. The wood hermitage cannot be described in words. It must be seen and experienced.

Urnatur’s kitchen only uses local or homegrown produce. The lamb is from their own flocks, vegetables are local or homegrown, wild herbs, berries, mushrooms and birch sap are picked from the surrounding of the wood hermitage. Urnatur also arranges activities like a forest spa and seasonal potluck meals. Guests can shop in the store, and bring memories in the shape of their finest sheepskins, interior textiles, carpets or other products of their own design. The fire has a central place at the wood hermitage. The wood fire is necessary to stay warm. Even the sauna and the wooden bathtub are wood fired. The candles and kerosene lamps are the only source of light. As early as August, the nights are pitch dark again, and the kerosene lamp guides guests back to the cabins in the dark. In the kitchen of the main cabin you will find a 12-volt lamp powered by solar cells on top of the bath house roof.