Les Giettes, Switzerland - map

Located at 1700 m of altitude in the charming village of Les Cerniers, Whitepod Resort offers an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The unique concept consists of fifteen geodesic tents, called pods, designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment whilst still benefitting from a luxurious and comfortable habitat. Whitepod Resort is the ultimate mountain escape for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike!

Rewarded with the World Prize for Sustainable Tourism in 2005, the Whitepod Resort aims to be a model for sustainable tourism by using a number of measures to limit its impact on nature; minimize daily water and electricity consumption, reduce waste production, favor the use of renewable resources, increase the guests’ awareness of environment protection. The Whitepod concept seeks to create, or recreate, a link of mutual respect between man and nature.